Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I'm a Masochist, or, My Summer Reading List


Cicero Pro Roscio Amerino (already started)
Cicero Phillipic I
Random Catullus Poems
Tibullus; all of his poems


Euripides' Bacchae
Homer Iliad Book 24
A book of the New Testament

Other Stuff:

Learn German
Learn Old English or Old Norse

All this while working twelve hours a day six days a week so that I can pay for next year's schooling as well as have some money so I can pay for grad school.

Fun fun. I doubt much of it will get done.


Mattitiahu said...

My experience is that if you make grandiose plans for summer reading, it usually becomes a great disappointment.

No plans! No disappointment!

Mattitiahu said...

That said, I'm amassing a list of monographs and anthologies that I need to start crunching into if I'm ever going to hope to operate as a proper Classics/Linguistics graduate student.

Time for me to prepare myself for disappointment!

Anonymous said...

Professor Jay Fisher from Yale University?