Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

Well, my classes start tomorrow, and the year is shaping up to be a fascinating, but rather intense one. I'm taking two Greek classes; in one we're reading Lyric Poetry and the other is Book 24 of the Iliad. Also on the menu is a Latin class in which we're doing Seneca's play Thyestes as well as an independent study in Sanskrit. I'm also sitting in on another reading course and doing some Tacitus.

On top of all this I'm broke, so I'm looking around for a part time job but these aren't easy to come across in this booming economy of ours. Oh well. At any rate, expect some posts relating to my classes, especially the Greek and the Sanskrit.


Mattitiahu said...

*shakes head*

Jeez Ben, and I thought that my courseloads that I imposed upon myself in my undergraduate were insane.

Mattitiahu said...

Oh, so the Greek Epic class is still only you, me, and mystery three... but I see today that the (graduate student) enrollment on the Lyric poetry class has spiked, so it'll be six people in the class instead of three now.

I suppose that's always a good thing, but unfortunately I think that means that we're going to have to tone down our Indogermanicity... but no problem, we can still baffle people with occasional oblique references to odd dialectal reflexes of neuter s-stems and shit.