Sunday, February 8, 2009

More on those Lectures posted below

So, that site on which the Kagan lectures are posted is FANTASTIC. There are many other courses on there, including an interesting looking one on the Old Testament. Along with the video lectures, there are syllabi, with readings from textbooks for the course! In essence, they are free university courses from Yale, etc.

The main site is here

There needs to be more things like this online.

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alex8541 said...

Hey, I enjoy your site. Just wanted to let you know of another site similar to this "Academic Earth" in case you haven't heard of it:, which I think is absolutely wonderful, and another called, which I haven't checked out as thoroughly but which I hear is also very good, though dealing with slightly different topics than TED. Enjoy, if you haven't already found them... Also, I have come across another extensive blog similar to this- dealing with history, linguistics, literature, myth- I'll try and dig it up and send it to you if you want- if your not averse to competition hah; it really is very interesting though and I think you might like it.